Essay "Terrorism" with outlines

Essay Terrorism for the preparation of exams suitable for all classes.
(Extremism, Fanaticism)
  1. Introduction
  2. A dangerous tendency
  3. Three aims of terrorism
  4. How to deal with this danger
          Terrorism means "very great fear." Terrorism is the systematic and organized uses of violence and intimidation to force a government or community to act in a certain way, or accept certain demand . This is one of the greatest problems of modern age faced by mankind. Throughout the world, some sort of violence is going on. People belonging to different communities and sects are killing each others. Government are being threatened by various organizations. Very strong net-works of terrorists exist in different part of the world. All the countries of the world agree that this threat to the world peace should be tackled by joint efforts.
As the things go, it is expected that we will suffer more terrorist attacks in the months and years ahead. The apparent goal of the terrorists is to achieve larger effect in future. The terrorists' targets are unwarned, unprotected persons and facilities. Modern age may be called an Age of Terrorism. This is, in fact, World War III, though a different kind of war which we have known. Terrorism is unconventional warfare. There are no fronts, no armies, and no battlefields. 
There are three goals to terrorism. First, to show that the government cannot protect you. It is to make people that they are unsafe wherever they are: going to work, going out for recreation, shopping. Second to create reaction and hence more terrorism. Thirds, to glamorize such acts. For these activity, there must be a significant target such as the twin U.S.A. A small action in an isolated community has no eye-catching appeal to the people. Because of progress in engineering and electronics, the explosives are becoming cheaper, lighter, more accurate, easier to use, and more powerful. Communication Technology has also helped the terrorists to coordinate their actions. As these trends continue, it is easier for smaller and smaller numbers of people to hurt larger and larger numbers.
As this is a new kind of war, the solution should not come from militaries, which are largely designed to fight other armed forces. The solution should come from new approaches that address the whole person, not just the political and economic components. The war against terrorism can only be truly won when we also declare war on the roots which cause such acts of barbarism: injustice, suppression of freedom, discrimination. Terrorism does not arise in a vacuum but has its roots in historical, political, social and cultural dysfunctions. Unless there is an equally dedicated attack on the causes of terrorism, there will never be victory in the war against terrorism.
Before starting our war against terrorism, we must be clear about the definition of terrorism. Sometimes, all injustice that exist in the world lead people to undertake hateful and destructive acts. The atrocities being committed on Kashmiris or Palestinians are causing suicidal bombing. Such people are heroes for their nation butt terrorists to the oppressors.
On government level,  some acceptable system of protection should be revolved. People should be made aware of the doubtful persons, and their activities. A new force should be trained to tackle such activities. attempt should be made to eradicate injustice and oppressions from society.  

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